Participant Able To :
• Ensure that all employees in your organisation focus on being service champions
• Build customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention
• Increase bottom line results

OUTLINE Pelatihan Customer Service And Telephone Etiquette Di Surabaya
Through this Customer Service and Telephone Etiquette Training, delegates will learn:
1. Understanding the importance of internal and external customers
• The key: How to achieve an excellent Internal Customer Service Culture
• What does great internal customer service look like?
2. Building the culture of great service
• The principle of CARE
• What do organizations with high repeat business have in common?
• Killer phrases that destroy customer retention
• Teamwork and the service chain
• Analysing the service culture of your company
3. Telephone Etiquette
• First impressions formed on the phone
• Putting a smile in your voice
• Adopting a “yes we can” attitude
• The importance of tone of voice, pitch and rate of speech
• Time taken to answer
• Getting essential information to serve
• Questioning and probing techniques
• The dreaded “please hold”
• The dreaded “dead end” transfer
• Giving and taking messages
• Active listening skills
• Matching the communication style of your customer
4. Understanding the basic needs and expectations of customers
• The 4 basic needs of every customer
• The 3 V’s of communication
5. Adding even more value for your customers – and your business
• The 2 reasons people buy
• The “Feel Good” factor
• How else can we be of service?
6. Attitude and competencies essential for a customer-serving employee
• The importance of attitude & valuing yourself in customer service
• Attitude – sending out a positive attitude in every way
• Effective communication as a customer-serving employee
7. Techniques every customer serving employee should know to increase sales
• Effective enquiring
• Up-selling and cross-selling
• Selling benefits
8. Handling complaints and irate customers
• Why complaining customers are highly valuable
• The wise approach to take when faced with a customer complaint
• The 7 steps to dealing with angry customers

PENYELENGGARAAN Pelatihan Customer Service And Telephone Etiquette Di Surabaya
• 2019

TRAINER Pelatihan Customer Service And Telephone Etiquette Di Surabaya
• Ibu Dr. Ayu Helena Cornellia, BA, M.Si
• Ibu Bawinda Lestari, S.H., M.Psi., CPS®

INVESTASI Pelatihan Customer Service And Telephone Etiquette Di Surabaya
• Call/WA +6231-8670873

FASILITAS Pelatihan Customer Service And Telephone Etiquette Di Surabaya
• Termasuk: Training di hotel berbintang 3 atau sederajat, Modul Training (hardcopy dan softcopy materi), Training Kits dan ATK Peserta, Sertifikat, Makan Siang(2x), Coffee Break, Trainer yang berkualitas, Pre Test & Post Test dan Pajak
• Harga belum termasuk penginapan peserta dan transportasi peserta